All Decked Out Final Concrete Deck Panel Installed

July 12, 2018
All Decked Out Final Concrete Deck Panel Installed

Tappan Zee Constructors placed the final concrete deck panel on the eastbound span earlier this month.

Following the installation of the project’s final steel girder last month, Tappan Zee Constructors (TZC) recently placed the bridge’s final concrete deck panel.

The precast deck panels form the base driving surface of the new twin-span crossing. The 12-foot-long panels each weigh up to 74,000 pounds and are composed of concrete and galvanized steel.

Altogether, TZC installed more than 6,000 deck panels on the eastbound and westbound spans, comprising a surface area of more than 65 acres – approximately equal to the deck space of 19 U.S. Navy aircraft carriers.

The project manufactured the panels offsite, which minimized costs and environmental impacts while promoting greater quality and installation efficiency.

The panels were then barged downriver from the Port of Coeymans in Albany County and raised into place by cranes. Most of the deck panels were installed with conventional cranes, but those located in higher areas were installed via a derrick crane. Other panels were installed with the assistance of the project’s largest crane, dubbed I Lift NY. The super crane’s 328-foot lifting arm allowed TZC to place deck panels around the bend of the approach near the Rockland shoreline.

After the panels were safely placed atop the bridge’s steel girders, they were connected into a single base surface with steel reinforcement and concrete from the project’s floating batch plants.

The latest batch of aerial photography showcases the progress on the eastbound span’s roadway, including waterproofing in advance of the placement of the final driving surface.

Eastbound traffic is scheduled to shift to the new span later this year.

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