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I Lift NY Returns Super Crane Installs Road Deck Panels Near Rockland Shoreline

November 3, 2016
I Lift NY Returns Super Crane Installs Road Deck Panels Near Rockland Shoreline

I Lift NY’s 328-foot lifting arm is placing 120 road deck panels on the Rockland approach’s curved, eastbound span.

Following the successful completion of its phase one girder operations, the project’s largest crane has returned to familiar territory to help crews with road deck installation.

I Lift NY is currently installing the foundation of the driving surface on one of the most hard-to-reach areas on the new twin-span bridge – the eastbound Rockland approach. Utilizing the crane’s 328-foot lifting arm, Tappan Zee Constructors (TZC) will place 120 road deck panels in the area. The last time the super crane was in this area—June 2015—it set the bridge’s first steel girder assembly into place.


June 2015—the super crane sets the bridge’s first steel girder assembly.

The extensive reach of I Lift NY allows TZC to reach over the westbound span and place road deck panels safely atop the eastbound span steel girders.

TZC will only use a small portion of the super crane’s 1,900-ton lifting capacity to get the job done. Each 35-ton deck panel will be installed with the crane’s auxiliary hook, and will not require the complex rigging and hydraulics used for the project’s larger lifts of the massive girder assemblies.

Crane operators will utilize a series of anchors to pivot the machine, following the curve of the eastbound span. The operation is scheduled take place through the early winter.

The super crane will then undergo maintenance before assisting with the demolition of the existing Tappan Zee Bridge next year. The monumental lifter will then install the final sections of structural steel on the eastbound span.