June 2019
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The project team is once again inviting the public to help name the newest residents of the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge - four peregrine falcon chicks born in a tower nest box more than 400 feet above the Hudson River. A week-long contest is now underway on the project's FalconCam webpage.

New NY Bridge - Lowering the TZB's Last Span

The final section of the old Tappan Zee Bridge's steel superstructure has been removed. The 600-foot-long, 11-million-pound west anchor span - the old bridge's last span above the Hudson River - was lowered onto barges using strand jacks.  
New cameras are capturing on-going construction for the shared bicycle and pedestrian path and associated improvements at both Rockland and Westchester Landings. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Who can use the bus lanes?
Only vehicles with seating for 15 or more passengers are permitted to use the bus lanes. These include Hudson Link buses, charter buses, school buses, and other regional public transit buses. New York State Police are responsible for enforcing the proper use of the bus lane on the bridge. The first violation will carry a fine of $150, and the penalty would escalate for any repeat violations within an 18-month period.

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