June 2017
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The New NY Bridge project is pleased to announce the winning names of the 2017 Falcon Naming Contest: Puente and Tarrytalon. The winners were decided through a week-long online public poll, featuring submissions from local students.
The New NY Bridge project team participated in one of the construction industry's largest annual events: Safety Week. The education and awareness initiative aims to reinforce the responsibility each worker has to themselves, their coworkers and their project.
For the past six months, Tracey Mitchell, Diversity Compliance Manager at the New NY Bridge Project, has spent four hours each week as a mentor, sharing her insights and professional experience.
The I Lift NY super crane, the project's largest piece of equipment, is taking a break. After completing all of its operations for this phase of construction, the crane was moved from the northern side of the New NY Bridge project and moored just south of the Tappan Zee Bridge.   
Frequently Asked Questions
Have tolls for the new bridge been determined?  
No. Governor Cuomo has frozen tolls at current levels until at least 2020 and has called on the Thruway Authority to establish a resident discount program for drivers living in Rockland and Westchester counties.

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