September 2016
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The latest batch of aerial photography showcases the New NY Bridge project advancing across the Hudson River. The approaches in Westchester and Rockland continue to take shape with prefabricated road deck panels and enormous steel girder assemblies, installed by the I Lift NY super crane. At the main span, stay cables have begun to connect the burgeoning roadway to the four northern span towers, which each have reached nearly 400 feet in height.
The New NY Bridge project has become a symbol for what the state can accomplish. Watch the new twin-span crossing take shape during the past three years in this new time-lapse video. From steel girders to concrete towers, from piles to road deck, from shoreline to shoreline, the transformation has been amazing.
The New NY Bridge project is reaching new heights this summer as half of the eight iconic main span towers grow closer to completion. The four massive concrete structures on the northern bridge now stand nearly 400 feet above the Hudson River, just a few dozen feet away from their final 419-foot height.

As millions of pounds of steel and concrete are installed above the Hudson River, the New NY Bridge project's surveyors are using lasers and other state-of-the-art technology to ensure that these materials are placed with pinpoint precision.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will there be a period when there is no Tappan Zee Bridge to cross?      
No. The plan is to always have a bridge open to traffic during and after construction. Tappan Zee Constructors is currently building both new bridges just north of the existing Tappan Zee Bridge. The new northern span will be completed first and then all traffic will be temporarily shifted from the existing bridge onto the new northern span. The new northern span will be 96 feet wide with enough space for 8 temporary lanes and a center safety divider. Once the landings of the existing bridge are torn down and the pre-built southern span is connected to the landings, then half the traffic will be shifted off the northern span. In the final condition, each new span will have 4 general traffic lanes (all 12 feet wide), breakdown lanes, emergency access/bus lanes and the northern span will include a bike/pedestrian path.

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