November 2014
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Enter the Super Crane:  

I Lift NY Arrives at the New NY Bridge Project 

 Following a 6,000 mile journey that included transit through the Panama Canal, the New NY Bridge project's I Lift NY super crane arrived at the Hudson River construction site on October 6.


October 16, 2014 marked the first anniversary of permanent construction operations on the New NY Bridge project, and the past year has seen exceptional progress on the foundations of the new crossing. Looking ahead, the project is poised to make even greater and more visible strides in the coming year.



I Lift NY Completes Journey
I Lift NY Completes Journey

The I Lift NY super crane arrived at the New NY Bridge site on October 6. Here is a video of the powerful lifter completing the last leg of its 6,000-mile journey.



Led by the recently-arrived I Lift NY super crane, an armada of more than 30 floating cranes - each capable of raising immense structural elements with great precision - is hard at work lifting and placing many millions of pounds of components and materials to help build the New NY Bridge. These workhorse machines are critical to keeping the project on schedule for completion in 2018.  



Now in its second year, the New NY Bridge Educational Outreach Program continues to engage students of all ages in Westchester, Rockland and beyond. The program reflects Governor Andrew Cuomo's goal of using the state's largest infrastructure project to educate tomorrow's professionals. This year, the team is focusing on the 'how-it-works' engineering behind the new bridge's foundations.



Those keen on observing firsthand the progress of the New NY Bridge project are invited to the recently-opened Westchester viewing platform in Tarrytown's Scenic Hudson RiverWalk Park. Located near the Tarrytown Senior Center at 240 West Main Street, the easy-to-access platform provides an unobstructed view of the project site.



Frequently Asked Questions
What will happen to the current bridge?
The current Tappan Zee Bridge will be carefully dismantled and the structural steel will be recycled. The concrete deck panels, which have been replaced in recent years, will be reused where possible on other Thruway and state Department of Transportation projects.

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