Standing Down for Safety Project Team Reinforces ‘Taking Zero Chances’

March 4, 2016
Standing Down for Safety Project Team Reinforces ‘Taking Zero Chances’

Safety Manager Daryl Lloyd leads a safety meeting on the new bridge’s main span.

Living up to its safety motto, “Take Zero Chances,” Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC) is holding safety meetings with every member of its New NY Bridge project crew.

With TZC Project Executive Terry Towle and other TZC leaders participating, TZC Safety Manager Daryl Lloyd is facilitating the sessions along with other safety professionals, visiting each shift directly as workers either begin or end their work days. These “stand down” meetings, which began this week, briefly halt regular operations to focus everyone’s attention on the importance of using proper fall protection gear, recognizing potential hazards, following maintenance protocols and other safety practices.

“If you see something, say something,” Lloyd told crew members at a recent briefing. “We encourage everyone on the project to be actively involved in our safety efforts.”

Every team member is reminded to follow day-to-day “housekeeping” practices, such as properly storing equipment and materials. Simple steps like these are critical to reducing tripping hazards, which are one of the main contributors to construction accidents across the country.

Establishing a safety-first culture that takes root throughout a project requires leadership from the top. Before the project embarks on any new phase of construction, Towle and the rest of the leadership team, which includes the New York State Thruway Authority, carefully consider how to promote safety in every operation. As work advances, safety is at the forefront of every progress meeting.

TZC’s “Take Zero Chances” culture is producing an impressive safety record. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the project’s “Total Case Incident Rate” is less than a fifth of the national average for projects employing approximately the same number of workers. The statistic is a widely-accepted measure used to report workplace injuries.

During the safety meetings, TZC executives, Lloyd and his team reinforce lessons learned during the 10-hour safety classes that all crew members are required to take. The briefings are tailored to the nature of each team’s work and include safety plans relevant to their specific work areas. For example, crew members working from elevated locations brush up on the protocols of fall protection, while individuals working on the water are reminded to wear their life vests at all times.

TZC presents awards to individuals who demonstrate their dedication to safety. Honoring their diligence reminds their peers about their common goal.

“What you do out here is for your loved ones,” says Lloyd. “Make sure you do your best to keep the project site safe, so everyone returns home safe and sound.”

Learn more about TZC’s safety initiatives, here.