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Saluting Those Who Served Project Team Thanks Our Veterans

November 11, 2016
Saluting Those Who Served Project Team Thanks Our Veterans


The New NY Bridge project is standing united this Veterans Day to honor all those who have served in the U.S. military.

Veterans are among the thousands of skilled individuals who have made possible the remarkable progress taking place on the Hudson River.

Many members of the project team served in the Army Corps of Engineers, including Skip Skoglund, P.E., who applied his skills during the Vietnam War after attaining his degree. Now, as a quality assurance manager on the project, Skip is responsible for tracking the condition of many project materials and installations, ensuring that the new bridge will last at least 100 years without the need for major repairs.

Assisting in this effort is Scott Prugh, a Navy veteran and Design Services During Construction (DSDC) Project Manager who is responsible for quality control during the design changes on the bridge. As a design-build project, the new bridge’s design is continuously being adjusted and updated as construction continues, making Scott’s diligent efforts invaluable to the project team.

“Much like the construction industry, safety and quality of work are paramount to success in the armed services, and the importance of these concepts is instilled from the first day of boot camp,” says Scott. “It was evident in my early years as a field engineer, that what I learned in the Navy was directly applicable to the project I was helping to deliver, specifically, the discipline of paying attention to small details and being organized.”

Many men and women gained training and education in the armed services and those skills have contributed to the project’s efforts on the Hudson River. Systems field engineer Stephen Putman is among them. After deployment to Afghanistan with the Army Reserve in 2007, the military funded Stephen’s education, helping him pursue a degree in electrical engineering. In addition, his experience as a transportation management coordinator reinforced his self-discipline and work ethic. Now Stephen helps coordinate the efforts of electrical, mechanical and lighting subcontractors across the 3.1-mile twin-span crossing.


TZC Vice President Walter Reichert

Tappan Zee Constructors (TZC), the consortium behind the project, is also proud to have a veteran at the executive level. TZC Vice President Walter Reichert served in the Army at an early age, and was deployed to Germany after World War II. Now, Walter oversees many different aspects of construction on the largest bridge project in New York State’s history.

“Today is a day to honor and reflect,” he said. “I salute my fellow military veterans who have proudly served our country.”