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Powering the New NY Bridge Company Spotlight: Welsbach Electric

December 12, 2014
Powering the New NY Bridge Company Spotlight: Welsbach Electric

The New NY Bridge will feature dynamic lighting installed by Welsbach Electrical Corp., as seen in this conceptual rendering

On the lengthy roster of world-class industry experts working on the New NY Bridge is Welsbach Electric, a Queens-based company that is one of the largest commercial electrical contractors in New York City. The company’s talented team of engineers, electricians and line workers will install the new bridge’s power, lighting and fiber optic communication network, helping integrate these and other modern features into the 21st century structure.

Established in 1877, Welsbach has a long history of accomplishment, including installation of the nation’s first gas lamp mantles in 1896. Today, the company specializes in outdoor electrical construction and maintenance for government agencies, making it an ideal fit for the bridge project.

Running miles of cables across the future twin spans is no simple task and the experts at Welsbach, in partnership with Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC) and the New York State Thruway Authority, have devised an innovative approach. Rather than building the bridge and subsequently installing cables, the team is integrating the electrical conduits into pre-fabricated sections of the new bridge before they are installed over the river. Performing the majority of the electrical work on solid ground is safer, helps ensure quality and enables the on-site team to focus on operations that can only be completed at the project site.

Welsbach’s work will support several of the more high-tech features of the new bridge, including the latest safety, security and traffic monitoring systems. Travelers will enjoy safer, swifter and more predictable trips thanks to the cutting-edge traffic monitoring system, which will notify local first responders when breakdowns or other incidents occur. Every second can be important to the well-being of those involved and rapid response also is critical to removing disabled vehicles or other blockages quickly, helping to keep traffic moving.

Welsbach also will install systems for the new bridge’s energy efficient LED lighting, which will have the ability to illuminate the spans in changing colors and intensity. Much like the tower of the Empire State Building is lit in varying colors to commemorate holidays and special events, the world-class lighting of the New NY Bridge will give the Lower Hudson Valley landmark an elegant and dynamic nighttime presence.

Welsbach is among many subcontractors whose efforts and expertise are keeping the project on schedule and within budget. Look for more profiles of key team partners in this space in the future.