Overnight Roadway Work Continues This Week Operation Requires Westbound Lane Closures
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Overnight Roadway Work Continues This Week Operation Requires Westbound Lane Closures

December 13, 2018

Tappan Zee Constructors (TZC) is scheduled to continue roadway improvements on the New York State Thruway (I-87/I-287) at the Westchester landing, requiring overnight double-lane closures on the northbound/westbound Thruway.

The four northbound/westbound lanes on the Thruway temporarily pair off to allow for work in an expanded median. Following the traffic split, all four lanes return to their previous configuration on the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge.

Additional roadway work will require single-lane closures on the bridge next week.

Specific lane closure times are listed in the chart below.


Thur. 12/13 8 p.m. – One right lane
9 p.m. – Two right lanes
7 a.m., Fri. 12/14 Northbound (I-87/I-287)
from exit 9 to exit 11
Fri. 12/14 8 p.m. – One right lane
10 p.m. – Two right lanes
8 a.m., Sat. 12/15 Northbound
from exit 9 to exit 11
Mon. 12/17 10 a.m. – One right lane 3 p.m. Southbound
from exit 11 to exit 9
Tues. 12/18 10 a.m. – One right lane 3 p.m. Southbound
from exit 11 to exit 9
Wed. 12/19 7 a.m. – One left lane 3 p.m. Northbound
from exit 9 to exit 10
Thur. 12/20 7 a.m. – One left lane 3 p.m. Northbound
from exit 9 to exit 10
Fri. 12/21 10 a.m. – One right lane 12 p.m. Southbound
from exit 11 to exit 9

Bicycle/Pedestrian Path
TZC will continue to install rebar and pour concrete on the northern side of the westbound span for the bridge’s shared-use bicycle/pedestrian path and overlooks.  

At the Westchester Landing, foundation construction continues. Operations include forming retaining walls, pouring concrete and rebar installation.

At the Rockland Landing, a section of the Esposito Trail from Clinton Avenue and South Franklin Street to South Nyack Village Hall remains closed for the construction of the side path. Pedestrians and cyclists are being detoured to South Broadway and through Elizabeth Place Park.

Additionally, crews will continue construction of a retaining wall along Hillside Avenue, necessitating temporary lane closures. Flag persons will keep traffic moving by alternating the directional flow between east and west. Crews have begun drilling and installing piles at Elizabeth Place Park for construction of a highway noise barrier.

Additional work includes:

  • Excavation, grading, landscaping, fence installation and pouring concrete near bridge landings
  • Stripping expansion joints, internal tower work, electronic equipment installation and testing
  • Dismantling of the old bridge’s pile caps, piles and caissons
  • Fence installation and internal work on Thruway Maintenance and New York State Police facilities

Boater Safety
The eastern 300 feet of the 600-foot wide main navigation channel is closed to all vessel transits until further notice. Red buoys with all around white light have been set to mark the eastern side of the channel.

Periodic closures of the main navigation channel are anticipated to continue during the demolition period. Cranes, barges and other equipment will occupy parts of the channel during this time. Boaters are strongly encouraged to avoid the project site during the closures and to avoid the Regulated Navigation Areas, located east and west of the main channel.

Times and dates of the closures are subject to change and will appear in the U.S. Coast Guard’s weekly Notice to Mariners; on the project’s Twitter feed (@NewNYBridge); and broadcast on Marine Radio Channel 22A. Tappan Zee Constructors can be contacted via Marine Radio Channel 16 for assistance.

Rockland and Westchester marine units continue to patrol the project site.

More boater safety information, including the U.S. Coast Guard Notice to Mariners, a construction site map and GPS-tracked construction vessel locations, can be found at

The New York State Thruway Authority provides this information as a public service. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. Nothing in these guidelines shall supersede the actual construction conditions, and regulations set forth by the U.S. Coast Guard.

All lane closures are subject to change due to traffic, weather or emergency situations. Please visit for real-time information regarding traffic conditions.