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I Lift NY Super Crane Arrives in New York

February 6, 2014
I Lift NY Super Crane Arrives in New York

The I Lift NY super crane arrived in the Port of New York and New Jersey on Jan. 30, completing a 6,000-mile journey from San Francisco. Larger than a football field, the super crane passed through the Panama Canal on Jan. 15 and dominated the New York City skyline upon its arrival. The enormous piece of equipment has been traversing the seas since December, and will remain docked at a private facility until spring – when it will begin work at the New NY Bridge project site.

Crucial to the construction of the New NY Bridge, the floating super crane will allow Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC) to replace the existing Tappan Zee Bridge in a more efficient schedule, saving cost and improving quality which adds to a safer work environment. It will be used to create and install large sections of the bridge, weighing 900 to 1,100 tons. I Lift NY will also be used to dismantle the existing bridge. The crane’s capacity will allow the 60-year-old structure to be disassembled in larger pieces, saving both time and money.

“It is fitting that New York’s most ambitious infrastructure project of the 21st century includes one of the world’s biggest floating cranes,” said Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “The I Lift NY super crane can lift the equivalent of 12 Statues of Liberty at once, and its ability to lift huge modular components of the new bridge into place and to help dismantle the old bridge will reduce construction time by months and reduce project costs by millions of dollars.”

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Updated information about I Lift NY‘s journey is available at

Recently nicknamed I Lift NY, the super crane is owned by TZC and is officially registered with the U.S. Coast Guard as the Left Coast Lifter.