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Final Approach(es) Work Underway on Second Span’s Connections to Land

December 20, 2017
Final Approach(es) Work Underway on Second Span’s Connections to Land

The second span’s connections to land take shape.

Tappan Zee Constructors (TZC) is making remarkable progress on the new bridge’s second span following the recent removal of the old bridge’s landings and roadway.

With the ends of the old bridge out of the way, TZC was able to complete the second span’s remaining four concrete piers by pouring concrete columns and placing precast pier caps on top of them. The 900-ton pier caps were manufactured offsite with internal reinforcing steel bars in Chesapeake, Va., and transported directly to the project site for installation with the I Lift NY super crane – the only machine on the project capable of raising the massive materials. Both the super crane and the prefabrication process allow TZC to place these large horizontal sections of the bridge faster and with greater ease.

TZC is also installing a handful of remaining steel girders atop the concrete piers, linking the structures to one another and eventually connecting the second span to the Rockland and Westchester landings.

At the Rockland landing, TZC will utilize mobile cranes to raise and place the girders in the coming weeks, assembling them in place. TZC has also poured concrete for the second span’s abutment, creating a solid foundation for its connection to the New York State Thruway.

At Westchester landing, TZC will use the I Lift NY super crane to set the final 10 girder assemblies. Additionally, TZC is preparing to place the sections of steel closest to the shoreline with mobile cranes.

After the steel is set, TZC can begin placing precast concrete road deck panels on the assemblies to complete the roadway’s base surface. The second span is scheduled to open to traffic next year.

Update: This article was amended on January 5, 2018 to accurately reflect the second span girder installation.