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With the Tappan Zee Bridge and the New NY Bridge project site in the background, President Obama stood by the Hudson River to make a push for funding transportation infrastructure. The Highway Trust Fund is projected to be insolvent by the fall, and the President is calling on Congress to [...]



The New NY Bridge team is reaching out to New York firms, suppliers and subcontractors - particularly disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) - to aid construction efforts. DBEs are defined by the U.S Department of Transportation as small businesses that are owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals such as women, minorities, veterans or disabled persons.




Road work along highways and ramps presents safety challenges to both motorists and construction crews. The New York State Thruway Authority keeps the public informed and up to date on the latest construction activities to help ensure the safety of motorists as well as Thruway and Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC) workers.




Native to the Hudson River and once plentiful here, the shortnose and Atlantic sturgeon were identified as endangered species and fishing of them was halted in 1996. Since then, the sturgeon population has been growing steadily in the Hudson, one of the species' most important habitats....»




The New NY Bridge team is reducing the project's impact to the environment through the use of construction platforms-known as trestles on either side of the Hudson River. The trestles, which extend 1,000 feet from each shoreline and run parallel to the existing bridge, enable heavy duty machinery to work over shallow water and reduce the [...]...»



The New NY Bridge project is now accepting submissions for its 2014 Bridge Art Show. The juried exhibit is an opportunity for local artists to showcase their interpretations of the new bridge design or the existing Tappan Zee Bridge.The project's Visual Quality Panel - which includes Rockland and Westchester representatives involved in the arts, architecture, [...]



People Behind the New NY Bridge





Minelly De Coo

Design Production Team Area Manager

Minelly De Coo is an area manager for the design production team, who coordinates efforts between the office and the field. As an environmental specialist, she analyzed sound data and worked with the project's visual quality panel to help design the project's noise barriers. Minelly is also involved in the environmental monitoring for the project, overseeing sound monitoring stations and directing crew members in the field. She is notified of any environmental concerns that may arise, and works to see that they are resolved in a timely manner. An invaluable member of the project team, Minelly is proud to see progress on the bridge as it rises out of the Hudson River.  

Frequently Asked Questions 


The existing bridge has only seven lanes, some of which are narrower than the current standard width of 12 feet. The new bridge will have eight 12-foot-wide lanes. The wide shoulders of the new crossing will greatly reduce the impact of disabled vehicles and accidents, which can cause massive tie-ups on the existing bridge. The incline over the main span will not be as steep, allowing large trucks to maintain consistent speed and reduce engine and braking noise. There will also be gently banked curves to help smooth traffic flow and reduce accidents. The new bridge will also include all-electronic toll collection technology, which allows motorists to pay tolls without slowing down from highway speeds. Motorists without E-ZPass will be automatically billed by mail.

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