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Index: Definitions of terms and acronyms for all studies


6002 - Section 6002 of the federal SAFETEA-LU legislation (see below)

AA - Alternatives Analysis

ACC - Agency Coordination Committee

ACHP Leaving Tappan Zee Website - Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

ACOE Leaving Tappan Zee Website - Army Corps of Engineers (also USACOE)

AASHTO - American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

AGT - Automated Guideway Transit

BPM - Best Practice Model developed by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council

BRT - Roadway-based rapid transit system that looks and feels much like a train, offering high-capacity rapid transit service on reserved lanes or city streets enabling buses to travel at higher speeds and to have more reliable times.

CAA - Clean Air Act

CEQ - Council on Environmental Quality

CERCLA - Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

Climbing Lane - A highway lane added to the road along steep inclines to accommodate slow-moving vehicles

Corridor - I-287 between Suffern and Port Chester, including the Tappan Zee Bridge

CRT - Commuter Rail Transit. Urban passenger train service characterized by locomotive-hauled or self-propelled passenger cars, extending up to 100 miles from the central city. It usually has only 1 or 2 stations in the central business district (CBD).

CWE - Cross Westchester Expressway (i.e., I-287) CZMA
Coastal Zone Management Act

dBA - Decibel with A scale weighting

DEIS - Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Design Life - Projected life (in years) of a new structure or structural component under normal loading and environmental conditions before replacement or major rehabilitation is expected.

EFH - Essential Fish Habitat

EIS - Environmental Impact Statement

EPA Leaving Tappan Zee Website - United States Environmental Protection Agency (also USEPA)

EJ - Environmental Justice

EO - Executive Order

ESA - Endangered Species Act

FEIS - Final Environmental Impact Statement

FHWA Leaving Tappan Zee Website - Federal Highway Administration

FRA Leaving Tappan Zee Website - Federal Railroad Administration

FTA Leaving Tappan Zee Website - Federal Transit Administration

GP - Lane General Purpose Lane

HOT - High Occupancy Toll Lanes. Lanes reserved for high-occupancy vehicles. Single-occupancy vehicles would be able to use the lanes but would be required to pay a higher toll.

HOV - High-Occupancy Vehicle

IMPO - Inter-Metropolitan Planning Organization composed of Metro-North Railroad, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Mid-Hudson South Transportation Coordinating Committee, Putnam County, Rockland County, Westchester County, Newburgh-Orange County Transportation Council, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, New York State Department of Transportation Region 8, New York State Thruway Authority, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, United States Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, United States Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Authority and United States Environmental Protection Agency--Region II

Interchange - System of interconnecting ramps between two or more grade-separated intersecting roadways or guideways.

Intermodal - Transportation system connecting or including different modes of transportation.

ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems

LRT - Light Rail Transit. System of electric-powered vehicles that runs on tracks in city streets or on a separate right-of-way. Light rail vehicles can operate singly or in trains of up to three cars.

LOS - Level of Service

LPA - Locally Preferred Alternative: The alternative selected by the appropriate state and local agencies and official boards through a public process; must be selected by project sponsors from among the evaluated alternative strategies and formally adopted and included in the Metropolitan Planning Organization's financially constrained long-range regional transportation plan.

MHSTCC Leaving Tappan Zee Website - Mid-Hudson South Transportation Coordinating Committee

MIS - Major Investment Study

MNR Leaving Tappan Zee Website - Metro-North Railroad (a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority)

MPO - Metropolitan Planning Organization: Regional planning entity responsible for transportation planning and approval of federal transportation funding for the region.

MTA Leaving Tappan Zee Website - Metropolitan Transportation Authority

NEPA Leaving Tappan Zee Website - National Environmental Policy Act

NHL - National Historic Landmark

NHPA - National Historic Preservation Act

NJT Leaving Tappan Zee Website - New Jersey Transit

NMFS Leaving Tappan Zee Website - National Marine Fisheries Service

NOAA Leaving Tappan Zee Website - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOI - Notice of Intent: A notice of intent (NOI) is published in the Federal Register advising that an environmental document will be prepared in accordance with NEPA. The NOI will include a brief description of the proposed action and possible alternatives, and contact information for obtaining further information about the project and preparation of the document.

NRHP Leaving Tappan Zee Website - National Register of Historic Places

NYMTC Leaving Tappan Zee Website - New York Metropolitan Transportation Council

NYSDEC Leaving Tappan Zee Website - New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

NYSDOS Leaving Tappan Zee Website - New York State Department of State

NYSDOT Leaving Tappan Zee Website - New York State Department of Transportation

NYSOGS Leaving Tappan Zee Website - New York State Office of General Services

NYSOPRHP Leaving Tappan Zee Website - New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

NYSTA Leaving Tappan Zee Website - New York State Thruway Authority

NWI Leaving Tappan Zee Website - National Wetlands Inventory

OCTC - Orange County Transportation Council

OWL - Orange-Westchester Link

PANYNJ Leaving Tappan Zee Website - Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

PATH - Port Authority Trans Hudson

PCAC - Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee: A 38-member advocacy group to the MTA that represents the interests of the users of the Long Island Rail Road, City Transit and MNR.

PFAC - Program Finance and Administration Committee: This is the policy-making committee and governing body for NYMTC.

PVL - Pascack Valley Line

RHA - Rivers and Harbors Act

ROD - Record of Decision: A formal decision granted by the federal lead agency that provides a written record of the agency's decision on a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). The ROD documents any conditions or mitigation measures committed to in the FEIS.

ROW - Right-of-Way

SAFETEA-LU Leaving Tappan Zee Website - Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users.

SAWG - Stakeholder Advisory Working Group

Scoping (PDF, 3.6 MB) - Process of defining and refining the scope of a DEIS and the alternatives to be investigated. The scoping process provides opportunities for input from the public.

Service Life - Projected life remaining (in years) of an existing structure or structural component under normal loading and environmental conditions before replacement or major rehabilitation is expected.

SEQRA - New York State Environmental Quality Review Act

SHPA - State Historic Preservation Act

SHPO Leaving Tappan Zee Website - State Historic Preservation Office

SIP - State Implementation Plan

SOV - Single-Occupancy Vehicle

Stakeholder Committee - Fosters communication among interest groups and municipalities in the TZB/I-287 study area and the Project Team. Includes representatives of diverse organizations in the region in education, the environment, health, emergency services, business, recreation, tourism and others.

Study area - Geographic area addressed by the analysis in a plan or study.

TDM - Transportation Demand Management

TIFIA - Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act

Tier 1 Analysis - NEPA analysis that addresses broad, overall corridor issues

Tier 2 Analysis - NEPA analysis that focuses on site-specific impacts, costs and mitigation measures

TIP - Transportation Improvement Program

TOD - Transit-oriented development is sustainable community development located near transit facilities.

TOR - Transport of Rockland

TSM - Transportation Systems Management.
Low-cost measures that are implemented to change travel patterns to reduce the number of vehicles using highway facilities. Such measures might include new park & ride facilities, changes to toll facilities and pricing mechanisms that encourage drivers to shift the time and frequency of on the road travel.

TZB - Tappan Zee Bridge

TZFTF - Westchester Rockland Tappan Zee Futures Task Force, formed by county executives in Westchester and Rockland counties.

TZX - Tappan Zee Express

USACE or USACOE Leaving Tappan Zee Website - US Army Corps of Engineers or United States Army Corps of Engineers

USCG Leaving Tappan Zee Website - US Coast Guard

USDOI Leaving Tappan Zee Website - US Department of the Interior

USDOT Leaving Tappan Zee Website - United States Department of Transportation

USEPA Leaving Tappan Zee Website - US Environmental Protection Agency

USFWS Leaving Tappan Zee Website - US Fish and Wildlife Service

VMT - Vehicle Miles Traveled

VOC - Volatile Organic Compound

Wetlands - Land areas, such as tidal areas or swamps, with soil characteristics and vegetation that meet certain criteria defined by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on which filling and development are federally and/or state-regulated.

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